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MISS:  Mentoring Is Serving Sisters


This is a group mentoring project for fifth grade girls at Meadowthorpe Elementary School in Fayette County.  The girls are engaged in activities such as building self-esteem, friendships, leadership skills, and teambuilding.   We work with the Meadowthorpe Family Resource Center to identify the girls and coordinate with the school.  We have 10 girls participating this year (08-09). 


The sessions are on Tuesdays, 2:45 – 3:45.  We like to have 2 mentors for each session and as many mentors as possible to participate twice a month.  This allows the girls to establish a relationship with the mentors.  Once mentors are identified for a date, we ask that they work together to plan their session. 


If you are interested in learning more about this project or in becoming a mentor, please contact Sharon Marcum by email  ( or phone (859-272-7792).



Women with Wings Project


This project provides financial support for a summer camp for girls ages 10-14 in the Cardinal Valley area of Fayette County.  The goal is a free, easily accessible, and meaningful experience that empowers the minds, bodies, and spirits of the girls.  Volunteers donate their time once a month to make “women with wings,” small beaded female figures that can be used as jewelry or decorative ornaments.  These “women with wings” figures are sold for $10 at professional meetings and workshops and any appropriate venue where we can get a booth for little or no cost.   The proceeds are donated to the Migrant Network Coalition and earmarked for the STARS Girls Empowerment Camp 2009.  


If you are interested in helping us make “women with wings” or would like to make a donation to help fund the camp, please contact Fran Morris (



Financial Workshops


Currently financial education workshops for women are scheduled in Anderson County on April 4th and in Woodford County on April 23rd and April 28th For additional information, please contact Nancy Dicken (



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